Panama Temporary Permit For Humanitarian Reasons

International Relocation Firm will be able to help you to obtain a Panama Temporary Permit for Humanitarian Reasons.

The General Director of the National Service of Immigration for exceptional and humane reasons will be able to authorize the temporary stay or voluntary return of foreigners.  With this purpose, the conditions of the foreigner will be evaluated such as:

1. Their time of stay in the country;

2. They entered the national territory through legal migratory ways;

3. They have not broken any Panamanian laws in the territory and have a clean police record;

4. Physical and/or mental conditions;

5. Their socioeconomic situation;

6. Their legal status;

7. If they have children or a Panamanian spouse.

Note: The Panama Temporary Permit for Humanitarian Reasons does not apply to the category the foreigners under the Title III, Chapter V of the Decree Law.

The following humane reasons for the foreigner will be evaluated:

1. They suffer an illness or disability that requires medical attention and prevents their return to their country of origin or of residence;

2. They suffer permanent disability;

3. Being over 85 years and showing they cannot be left in a state of abandonment;

4. They are found in conditions of notorious poverty (extreme poverty) and have more than five (5) years residing in Panama;

5. Being a person under age that suffers some degree of disability, and lacking identity papers or in a situation of abandonment.

The applicant must submit the following documents:

1. Application that specifies the complete general data of the foreigner, and their motives to be considered for this permit;

2. ID, except for the under age lacking identity papers;

3. Document that verifies where they reside;

4. Copies of the passport;

5. Medical certificate

The foreigner will be able to extend the Panama Temporary Permit for Humanitarian Reasons, while the disciplinary team evaluates and verifies the request.  Upon verifying the condition, a technical report will be sent to the General Director, so that he can submit his opinion.  If approved, the applicant will be able to extend the Panama Temporary Permit for Humanitarian Reasons that will not be for more than six (6) years or to authorize their voluntary return to their country of origin or place of origin.

If you are interested in relocating to Panama, or obtaining legal residency in Panama, please contact us for a personal consultation with International Relocation Firm along with a quote for our Temporary Humanitarian Visa services.

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