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Panama Migratory Control

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To accredit their identity and nationality, the foreigners that intend to enter Panama should have passport or document of trip with minimum validity of three (3) months issued by competent authorities of the country of origin.

The foreigners that desire to enter Panama should be provided a Panama visa in validity offered by a competent authority, just as is described in Article 18 of the present regulations.

Those exempt from complying with the requirement of a Panama visa mentioned in the previous article include:

1. The nationals of countries with which a treaty exists in which have agreed to its suppression, in the form and conditions established;

2. The foreign members of reputable international air crews;

3. Foreigners that are found dealing with some Panama migratory category;

4. Foreigners with diplomatic passport or ones that Panama has subscribed an international agreement that contemplate this possibility.

The Panama National Service of Immigration will supply special migratory positions for the attention of people under age who are already nationals, temporary or permanent residents, in order to comply with that established in Articles 39 and 40 of the Decree Law.

The General Director of the Panama National Service of Immigration will approve, by means of resolution, the repatriation of people under age, continuing the protocols ratified by the Republic of Panama.

The General Director of the Panama National Service of Immigration will approve the technological and physical media that are required to comply with the registration that is established by Articles 39 and 41 of the Decree Law.

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