Panama Law Firm Legal Fee Structure & Pricing

Legal Fee Schedule

Description of Service Fee
Reforestation Residency Program
( Includes Government Fees )
Regular Reforestation Business investment of at least $80,000
Phase 1 – Residency Application and 1 year Provisional Resident Visa: US$2,800
Phase 2 – Permanent Resident Visa: US$2,300
Phase 3 – Naturalization and Passport Application (Optional): US$5,500
Immediate Panama Passport Program
– Legal Fee – Processing of Panama Passport US$5,000
– Government Fees and Costs US$1000
Self Economic Solvency Visa For Primary Applicant
Stage 1 – Residency Application and 1 year Provisional Resident Visa US$2,800
Stage 2 – Permanent Residency Visa: US$2,300
Stage 3 – Naturalization (Citizenship / Passport) US$5,500
Self Economic Solvency Visa For Dependents (spouse or children under 18 yrs)
Stage 1 – Residency Application and 1 year Provisional Residency Visa: US$1,500
Stage 2 – Permanent Residency Visa: US$2,000
Stage 3 – Naturalization (Citizen / Passport): US$5,500
Agricultural Investor Program
Three Month Visa & 1 Year provisional Visa (Steps 1, 2 & 3)
– Primary Applicant US$2,000
– Dependent US$1,500
– Government fees & costs US$800
Business Investor Program
– Minimum investment US$150,000 Contact Us
Tax Free Processing Zone Investor Program Contact Us
Retired or Pensioned Program (Visa Pensionado)
( Includes Government Fees )
For Primary Aplicant
– Permanent Resident Card (plus expenses US$500 to Immigration) US$1,200
For Dependents
– Permanent Resident Card (plus expenses US$500 to Immigration) US$1,000
City of Knowledge Work Visa Program
For Primary Applicant
2 year Work Visa + Gov. Fees US$3,800
For Dependents (spouse or children under 18 yrs):
2 year Temporary Visa + Gov. Fees US$2,300
Missionary Visa Contact Us
Student Visa Contact Us
( Includes Government Fees )
Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (1 year or less) US$260
Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (2 years) US$320
INCORPORATIONS, TRANSFERS or RE-DOMICILES* Entity Prices Include First Year Corporate Franchise Tax.* 7% ITBMS Panama Sales Tax (VAT) applicable only for Panama legal services.
New Panama Corporation Package (New) US$1,300
New Panama Private Interest Foundation Package (New) US$1,400
Recent Panama Shelf Corporation Package (New) US$1,500
Recent Panama Shelf Private Interest Foundation Package (New) US$1,600
New Complete Offshore Structure Package US$3,200
Recent Complete Shelf Offshore Structure Package US$3,300
Transfer of Panama entity to our Registered Agent/Office US$500
Re-domicile of entity to Panama & our Registered Agent/Off. US$1,000
Nevada (USA) Corporation Package US$1,500
Delaware (USA) Corporation Package US$1,500
Belize Corporation Package US$1,500
Seychelles Corporation Package US$1,500
BVI (British Virgin Islands) Corporation Package US$1,500
Dominica Corporation Package US$1,500
Nevis Corporation Package US$1,500
St. Vincent Corporation Package US$1,500
Bahamas Corporation Package Contact Us
Barbados Corporation Package Contact Us
Aruba Corporation Package Contact Us
Uruguay Corporation Package Contact Us
Cayman Islands Corporation Package Contact Us
Isle of Man Corporation Package Contact Us
Channel Islands Corporation Package Contact Us
Marshall Islands Corporation Package Contact Us
Hong Kong Corporation Package Contact Us
Singapore Corporation Package Contact Us
Costa Rica Corporation Package Contact Us
United Kingdom Corporation Package Contact Us
Annual Resident Agent Renewal Fee per entity (Panama) US$450 / yr – Resident Agent
Annual Nominee Director Fee per director (Panama) US$300 / yr – per Nominee Director
Annual Government Corporate Franchise Tax per entity (Panama) US$300/yr – Corporations 
US$400/yr – Foundations
Annual Government Late Fee for Corporate Franchise Tax (Panama) US$50/yr
Annual Government Second Late Fee for Corporate Franchise Tax (Panama) US$300/yr
Fee for Non-Operational Tax Filing at Tax Revenue Office (DGI) / offshore legal entities (Panama) US$100/fiscal year
Fine at Tax Revenue Office (DGI) for late presentation of Non-Operational Tax Filing/ offshore legal entities (Panama) US$100/fiscal year
America US$50
Europe US$75
Asia US$95
Corporate name verification in Panama public registry Free
Corporate Seal (Rubber) US$50
Corporate Seal (Metal) US$90
Service fee for payment of tax (Panama)
(If different agent)
Change of Directors or Officers (Panama) US$500
Notary and Public Registry fees for change of Directors or Officers (Panama) US$175
Change of Resident Agent (Panama) US$500
Dissolution of Entity (Panama) US$500
Entity Reactivation at Tax Revenue Office (DGI) and Public Registry (Panama) US$350
Issuance of new share certificates (Original previous issued shares are required) US$250
Change of Corporation or Foundation Name (Panama) US$500
Panama Nominee Directors Service per director US$300 / year per director
Corporate Mail Forwarding Service – annual fee US$300/yr
Courier shipping/handling fee per package US$50 – America
US$75 – Europe

US$95 – Asia
Post mail shipping/handling fee per package US$10
Faxed document forwarding service Varies
Scanned document w/ email attachment forwarding service US$5/pg
Corporate Virtual Office Services Contact Us
Appostile of Document (Panama) US$75
Notary of Document (Panama) US$50
Certificate of Incorporation (Panama) US$75
Certificate of Incumbency (Panama) US$75
Commercial Business License (Panama) US$600
Legal Consulting US$100 – $150 /hr
Certified Translation of Documents (English) US$25/pg
Directors Signatures on Documents US$20/sig.
Financial Account opening assistance through any of our recommended financial institutions. US$500 – $700
Investment Advisor Contract US$250
General Manager Contract US$250
Independent Contractor Contract US$250
Private Annuity Contract US$250
Mortgage Contract US$250
Loan Contract US$250
Buy / Sell Contract US$250
Foundation Donation Forms US$50
Foundation Letter of Wishes Drafting (tailored) US$250
Foundation Reglament Drafting (with notarization) US$350
Special Power of Attorney US$250
General Power of Attorney (registered at the Public Registry) US$500
Complete Offshore Structure & Property Purchase Package US$5,500
Public Registry Property Title Transfer Varies
Property Purchase Negotiation Service Contact Us
Mortgage Contract US$550
Draft Promise to Buy-Sell Contract US$550
Property Purchase Negotiation Service 5%
Courier fee to send property documents US$50 – AmericaUS$75 – Europe
US$95 – Asia
$1.00 – $150,000.00 US$2,000
$150,000.01 – $250,000.00 US$2,500
$250,000.01 – $350,000.00 US$2,750
$350,000.01 – $500,000.00 US$3,000
$500,000.01 – $650,000.00 US$3,500
$650,000.01 – $800,000.00 US$4,000
$800,000.01 – $1,000,000.00 US$4,500
Marine yacht / ship / vessel registration Contact Us
Public registry investigations (Panama) Contact Us
Company due diligence investigations Contact Us
Civil Litigation Contact Us
Criminal Litigation Contact Us
Admiralty Litigation Contact Us

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