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Panama Student Visa

International Relocation Firm can assist with obtaining a Panama Student Visa.

The Panama Student Visa program allows foreign students to obtain legal residency in Panama under the condition that they will be living in Panama for educational purposes, such as attending a Panamanian university.  This is an excellant opportunity for relocating to Panama in order to acquire legal residency in Panama.

There are various internationally accredited universities that have branches in Panama, allowing students relocating to Panama including:

– Florida State University
– NOVA University
– University of Louisville
– Universidad Interamericana
– Universidad Latina de Panama
– Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua (USMA)

Note that Panama immigration requires all applicants for any type of visa, be present physically at the immigration office in Panama at the time of the Panama Student Visa application.

Panama Immigration will not allow people to visit wearing shorts, t-shirts, or sandals.


Foreigners that desire to study as full-time regular students, in public or private schools, of basic, intermediate, upper, and specialized levels, recognized by the Department of Education will be able to request the Panama Student Visa.

Applicants must register all subjects pertaining to the plan of study for either the two-month period, quarter, semester, or module period.

Exempted are nocturnal studies registered subject to certification by the school.

The Panama Student Visa is exclusively for those dedicated to studies.  Therefore, during the length of their studies, they are forbidden to work, except for the professional practices and courses required by the educational center.

In addition to the basic requirements established in Article 28 of the Decree Law (except for the deposit for repatriation) and the presentation by means of legal attorney, the applicant must submit the following documents:

1. Letter of admission from the educational center;

2. Payment receipts of registration;

3. Certification by the school or center of study containing: the basic information of the applicant, duration of the studies, and subjects or courses that have been registered, and major degree sought;

4. If the courses are exclusively nocturnal hours, the certification by the University must certify that the courses only are given at night;

5. Solvency of economic reliability, which will be verified by submission of:

a. Document that shows the student is a holder of a scholarship of studies;
b. Certification authenticated by the parents of the student where they are responsible for the expenses of study and constancy of their relationship;
c. Bank letter issued on behalf of the applicant or person financially responsible indicating the person’s sufficient solvency to pay for the education costs and living expenses.

6. In the case the student has a sponsoring national resident, the sponsor must present a letter that accredits:

a. The commitment to assume the expenses of education and its basic needs;
b. Copies of the personal national identity identity card or immigration resident card of the responsible citizen or resident;

7. If the applicant is under age, he will need to submit:

a. Copy of his birth certificate;
b. Present authorization written by the parents in favor of the sponsoring resident if neither of the parents reside in Panama.

To request an extension of the Panama Student Visa, besides the requirements mentioned in the numerals described in the previous article, the applicant must present:

1. Approved credits of the previous year’s courses.

The length of this permit will be for the term of one (1) extendable year to a total of six (6) years.  Before the six years expire, students will need to explore other Panama visa options to acquire legal residency in Panama.

The procedure for temporary (non-resident) permits (visas) are the following:

1. Register passport at Immigration.

2. Present application with all required documents to immigration, with Government fees & Repatriation Deposit (if applicable).

3. Immigration department issues applicant 3 months Temporary Permit (Visa) & Multiple Entry-Exit Visa.

4. Immigration department issues applicant 2 year Temporary Permit (Visa).
(Steps 3 and 4 are repeated every time the temporary visa is renewed).

International Relocation Firm Fees:

For Primary Applicant:

Stage 1:
Legal Fee – 1 year Panama Temporary Immigrant Visa: US $2,000
Government Fees and Costs: – To Tesoro Nacional (National Treasury): US $250
– Repatriation Deposit (refundable once permanent visa is approved): US $800
– Other Fees: US $350
Total Government Fees & Repatriation Deposit: US $1,400

For Dependents (spouse or children under 18 yrs):

Stage 1:
Legal Fee – 1 year Panama Temporary Immigrant Visa: US $1,500
Government Fees and Costs: – To Tesoro Nacional (National Treasury): US $250
– Repatriation Deposit (refundable once permanent visa is approved): US $800
– Other Fees: US $350
Total Government Fees & Repatriation Deposit: US $1,400

If you are interested in relocating to Panama, or obtaining legal residency in Panama, please contact us for a personal consultation with International Relocation Firm.

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