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Panama Family Regrouping Visas

International Relocation Firm can help you with applying for Panama Family Regrouping Visas.

Panama offers two visas related to families of Panamanian citizens and residents of Panama.


Foreigners that have entered into marriage with a Panamanian and that live together in conditions of singularity, stability, and continuity will be able to request this Married to a Panamanian Visa.

Foreigners married to a Panamanian national does not offer in and of itself
rights to residency in the Republic of Panama.  The Panama National Service of Immigration will be able to deny the entrance or residency of foreigners married to Panamanians for reasons of fraud, immorality, public security, domestic economy, or social needs of the foreigners married to Panamanians.

In addition to the basic requirements established in Article 28 (except for payment of the deposit of repatriation), the applicant must submit the following documents:

1. Certificate of Marriage from the Civil Registration.  If the Marriage was celebrated abroad, it should be properly recorded in the Civil Registration;

2. Birth certificate of the Panamanian spouse from the Civil Registration;

3. Birth certificate(s) of Panamanian children if applicable;

4. Photocopies of the personal ID card of the Panamanian spouse authenticated in the Civil Registration;

5. Work permit and copy of the work permit card of the applicant;

6. In the cases of retirees or pensioners, they must prove this with a letter of retirement.  If they comply with this, they are exempted from the previous requirement;

7. Proof of sources of income for the Panamanian spousel (letter of work, insurance files, banking letter, or own tax return or of the Panamanian spouse with receipt of payment);

8. Letter of responsibility of the Panamanian spouse;

9. Marital interview that will be carried out by suitable personnel of the Disciplinary Unit, according to a date and hour assigned upon presenting the request.  In the case they are not able to attend as of that date and hour the excuses should be presented pertaining to more delays within three (3) business days after the date;

10. Constancy of residence, for which they can present: copy of public utilities, rental agreement, title of property or any another document that shows the conjugal residence.

Note: The Panama National Service of Immigration when they deem convenient will be able to visit the home.

After two (2) years of the temporary provisional permission has passed, the foreigner will be able to request permanent residency, complying with the requirements mentioned in the previous article and must submit the following document:

1. National Paz y Salvo of the applicant.

Note: Applicants that have been widowed or have divorced during the term of their provisional permission and have children during the marriage will be able to opt for the permanent residence.  In the first case, he should present death certificate of his spouse and in the second case he should contribute certificate of dissolution of the marriage and the birth certificates of the children he had in the marriage.  This alone does not guarantee or oblige the Panama National Service of Immigration to offer the continuance of the applicant.


Foreign spouses, children less than eighteen (18) years, family members with disability, and dependent parents of a provisional resident of two (2) years, permanent or national resident will be able to request this Dependants of Panama Residents Visa.  The children older than eighteen (18) years and under twenty-five (25) years will be able to be requested as dependents, provided that they are studying full time and they are found under the economic dependence of the resident or national.  The resident or national that shows guardianship or relationship to a person under age will be able to request them as their dependent.

In addition to the basic requirements established in Article 28 of the Decree Law, the applicant must submit the following documents:

1. Letter of responsibility of the resident or national;

2. Constancy of relationship: Certificate of marriage of the spouse or certificate of the birth of the children or judicial constancy of guardianship, as be the case;

3. The applicant of legal age and less than twenty-five (25) years old should contribute:

a. Certification of an educational center that accredit their condition as full-time student and of regular form;
b. Single status Certificate;

4. Proof that the resident counts on the sufficient economic solvency.  The resident can prove solvency in one of the following forms:

a. Copies of the tax return, with its paz y salvo and this should comply with the minimum income of One Thousand dollars ($1,000) monthly plus One Hundred dollars ($100) additional for each dependent;
b. Letter of work on file with the CSS and copy of the work permit;
c. Letter of banking reference showing balance of four average figures.

To request continuance of this Dependants of Panama Residents Visa, the applicant should present the requirements mentioned in the numerals described in the previous article.

If you are interested in relocating to Panama, or obtaining legal residency in Panama, please contact us for a personal consultation with International Relocation Firm along with a quote for our Family Regrouping Visa services.

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