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Panama Mail Forwarding

When relocating to Panama, opening a business in Panama, or opening a bank account here, until you have your own home or office established, you will need a postal and physical address in Panama where you can receive bank account statements, mail correspondence, utility bills, etc.

Our corporate mail forwarding service includes a Corporate Post Office Box and Physical Address in Panama City (Republic of Panama) to receive postal mail or courier packages. This is a basic service offered by most law firms who serve as resident agents on their clients entities, since every company registered in Panama must have a physical address.

The clients mail will be forwarded to per their instructions, or it may remain at our offices in safe-custody.

Our fee for corporate mail forwarding is US$300 per year.

Courier or post mail forwarding costs will be billed to the corporation as these costs are incurred, which vary according to the method and frequency in which you would like your mail forwarded to you. Generally, sending courier packages costs around US$50, depending on what country they are sent to. Post mail costs can vary from country to country, but generally not more than around US$5 to US$10 per package, depending on the weight and size.

Please note that our core business is not providing mail services, it is more of a necessity for a few of our clients. Therefore, if you have special mail forwarding needs, we can also refer you to a number of local mail service providers if needed.

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