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How To Get a New Vehicle License Plate in Panama

Panama Vehicle License Plates

If you purchase a new or used car in Panama from a car dealership they will take care of all the paper work to register the car and obtain the license plates.

If you buy directly from an individual it is best to go with him or her to the Municipality where the car has been registered to make the ownership transfer. Used cars must have up to date license plate and annual sticker.  You will need to
bring the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the original owner’s ID
  • Municipality Ownership Transfer Card signed by the owner
  • Copy of your ID
  • Vehicle inspection certificate for current year
  • Sole Title of vehicle certificate
  • Municipality’s Paz y Salvo of the owner (shows nothing is owed to the government)
  • National Permit of Circulation Tax payment of the Municipality that issued the license plate

Once all of these documents are presented the Municipality clerk will make the transfer of ownership official.

Renewing Panama Vehicle License Plates or Stickers

Panama vehicle license plates must be renewed annually.

A vehicle inspection will be required before renewing vehicle license plates.
The inspection must be performed at a garage authorized by the Autoridad
del Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre

The vehicle inspection involves testing the brakes, lights, and general condition.
Problems can be fixed by the garage who will re-inspect the vehicle.  The re-inspection is free.  After passing the inspection a Vehicle Registration Certificate is stamped and signed by the garage.

Next you will need to go to the neares Municipio (municipal office).
Here is a link to the Panama City Municipo

Take the following documentation:

  • Certificate of current vehicle registration
  • If available, prior certificate of vehicle inspection along with the newest one
  • Proof that the vehicle is insured
  • Paz y Salvo stating that there are no unpaid tickets or fines from the government.
    You can download a Paz y Salvo form Click here
  • Pay the required fee

The municipal office will then issue a new license plate or updated sticker to apply to the old license plate.

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