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How To Import Guns Into Panama

First of all, you need to find out what is required to export a gun out of your country and fulfill all of those requirements.

Importing firearms into Panama is possible, however there is some documentation needed to get it done.

Ammunition is prohibited from being imported into Panama.  Therefore, make sure that the type of ammunition your firearm requires is sold in Panama.

The required documents to import guns into Panama are:

1.  Provide a photograph of the gun (or company brochure photo of the exact model).

2.  Provide of copy of the purchase receipt showing when and where you bought the firearm.

3.  Provide an authenticated copy of the gun’s registration in your country.

4.  Provide an authenticated copy of your passport.

Note: “Authenticated” can be accomplished in 2 manners:

(a) Apostille – Is an internationally recognized form of a government authenticating public documents; or

(b) Panama embassy or consulate in your country authenticates the documents.

The authenticated documents are then taken to Panama’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further authentication.

Then the documents are filed with Panama’s Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia (Dirección Institucional en Asuntos de Seguridad Pública) which issues the permit.

A certified copy of the permit is then delivered to the Panama Custom’s at Tocumen International Airport where the weapon will be shipped to.

Panama Customs will not simply hand over the gun upon receiving these documents.  You must then apply for a Panama gun permit and have the national police perform a ballistics test on the gun.

Before the gun is released by Customs you will have to pay a fee, a luxury tax, and a duty tax.

If you wish to avoid all of the paperwork you can hire a Panama attorney to handle it for you.

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