Exploring the Arts & Culture of Panama

Exploring the Arts & Culture of Panama

Jan 23, 2023 | Moving to Panama, Panama Arts/Culture

Panama has a rich and vibrant culture that has been shaped over centuries by influences from Spain, local Indigenous peoples, Latin America, as well as its current political and economic developments. From colorful visual art to traditional music and harmonious architecture, Panama is a nation with a unique sense of identity that can be seen in various facets throughout the country – here’s how arts & culture have played a major role in shaping the country over time:


Panamanian music is an eclectic mix of genres ranging from traditional Latin sounds like salsa and cumbia to more contemporary ones such as reggaeton and hip-hop. In recent years, Panamanian rap artists such as Los Rakas and Seso El Artist have gained international recognition for their innovative fusion of old-school rhymes with modern beats. In addition to rap performances, live shows are often organized around carnivals or other holidays—making music an important form of entertainment across all age groups within Panama.

Visual Art

From vibrant murals that adorn the walls of historic cities like Casco Viejo to intricate pottery crafted by Indigenous Kuna Yala villagers – colorful visual art is often seen everywhere across this beautiful Central American nation. Panama also offers many opportunities for aspiring artist to share their work—from galleries featuring local artists’ paintings/sculptures in cities like Panama City or smaller cultural centers around neighborhoods offering free courses/exhibitions throughout the year round!

Architecture & Design

The architectural style used in most parts of Panama blends modern design with classical elements drawn from Spanish colonial times. This interesting mix gives buildings an interesting mix of elegant lines enhanced by beautiful details while remaining firmly rooted in both eras—highlighting how humans can adapt creative solutions based on available resources at hand. The recently thriving hospitality industry around the country (especially beach areas) tends to focus on interior designs prevalent throughout iconic hotels/resorts and brings a fascinating mix of cosmopolitan atmosphere and indigenous themes to these spaces.


As mentioned earlier, Panamanian cuisine is considered one of the more popular regional cuisines in the Caribbean part of Latin America. Food plays an important role in shaping collective identities within the culture, especially when comes to delicacies that exist along the Caribbean coast/Pacific Ocean side areas. Traditional dishes such as sancocho (a hearty soup made with various vegetables & proteins) or tamales made entirely of fresh ingredients continue to serve as a stabilizing force for numerous communities.

The Evolution of Art and Culture in Panama

Throughout recent years, Panama’s art and culture have been undergoing a rapid evolution. From traditional music to modern street art, the country has seen a growth in creative expressions that reflect both its past and present. The nation’s vibrant culture is now celebrated throughout the world and remains an integral part of Panama’s identity—a testament to how arts & culture can shape and unify a nation. Despite the many changes that have taken place over the years, one thing remains certain: culture will continue to be a major influence in Panama for generations to come.

Modern art and culture in Panama are more representative of the diversity that Panama has cultivated over the years. The country has flourished with many people from all over the world relocating there for work, to retire, or simply to find peace on an extended journey. Because of this, you’ll see a lot of different styles and cultures reflected in the art throughout Panama, from traditional to modern. It’s a beautiful culture that deserves to be explored, preserved, and celebrated. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant city experience or some peace and tranquility on the beach—arts & culture are an important part of Panama’s identity and can be found almost anywhere.

At the end of the day, culture is something that binds us all together—and it is impossible to fully understand a place without appreciating its culture and arts on various levels. Panama is a unique country with a culture that has evolved over centuries, and it’s easy to see how culture and arts both contribute to its identity. To learn more about art and culture in Panama, read some of our previous blog posts. To get started on your own journey to visit Panama or relocate to Panama, contact us here now. We’d be happy to provide you with the info you need and offer any relevant services that you require.

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