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Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

Tucked away along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, just a stone’s throw from Italy and Greece, lies Montenegro. It is a small, yet powerful Balkan country that is known for its beautiful shores, connection between east and west, and now, a blossoming economy. Montenegro is full of natural beauty, which draws people to invest and live there from all over the world. It has a superb quality of life, and is both safe and financially secure.

Why you should invest in Montenegro

Two of the biggest reasons to invest in Montenegro are its strategic location in Europe, and favorable business regulation climate. There are no language requirements for citizenship by investment in Montenegro. There is also no obligation for foreigners to relinquish their current nationality to qualify. Montenegro processes requests in a lightning-fast three months, and grants dependents under 18 years of age citizenship if attached to the main applicant.

Montenegro is a member of NATO, and has an E-2 Treaty Program signed with the United States that allows special permissions between the two countries for labor and investment. A second passport from Montenegro grants you visa-free travel access to 116 countries worldwide, and it is expected to join the EU by the year 2025.

How to qualify for citizenship by investment

In order to qualify for residency or citizenship by investment in Montenegro, you must:

  • Provide a valid passport or foreign travel document at application time.
  • Prove you have no past criminal record.
  • Provide documents that show the source and origins of your invested funds.
  • Attest to the investment agreement and powers of attorney.

Here are your investment options

1. Donation to the Government Fund

To qualify for this, you must make a contribution of at least €100,000 specifically to the Government Fund.

2. Invest in Real Estate

To qualify for this, applicants are required to invest in government approved real estate projects. These projects are selected with specific regional needs in mind, and are separated as such:

€250,000 investment into an undeveloped area in the north of the country.


€450,000 investment into an already developed area of the country in the south.

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