US Navy's huge uncrewed robot ship has journeyed through Panama Canal : Weekly News Roundup, November 21st, 2020

US Navy’s huge uncrewed robot ship has journeyed through Panama Canal : Weekly News Roundup, November 21st, 2020

Nov 21, 2020 | Panama News

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US Navy’s huge uncrewed robot ship has journeyed through Panama Canal.

A robotic cargo vessel has passed through the Panama Canal for the first time. The ship, an Overlord uncrewed surface vessel belonging to the US Navy, made a 4700-nautical-mile (8700-kilometre) journey including passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific almost entirely without human assistance.

Pentagon spokesperson Josh Frey says the vessel was in autonomous mode for more than 97 percent of the trip’s length. A remote crew assisted when needed.

The US Navy has two of the 59-metre Overlord vessels, modified from crewed fast transport ships.

Source: NewScientist

Panama Canal amends prequalification document for optimized water management system.

The Panama Canal has amended the prequalification document for a tender for the engineering, design and construction of an optimised water management system.

The decision to amend the document was made after the Canal received more than 250 potential bidder inquiries following the opening of the prequalification period on September 7, 2020.

This tender is the first component of a programme that, as a whole, will maintain the objective of managing water resources in an integrated manner to provide an adequate water supply for both Canal operations and local consumption for the next 50 years.

Source: Container-Mag

Experience the wonders of Panama on this virtual tour.

From jungles to beaches, skyscrapers to colonial villages, the Atlantic to the Pacific, Panama never ceases to impress. Find out why this nation of just over four million people has become one of Central America’s hottest destinations on this virtual tour.

Nowhere is the juxtaposition between old and new in more evident than in Casco Viejo, Panama City’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic district. From its brick streets, you can see the glistening skyscrapers of the Punta Paitilla waterfront.

Source: USA Today: 10 Best


Where to Retire in Panama: City, country, or suburban life?

Each year, millions of North Americans take the big step of retirement, and many move locations to do so. Moving can be a challenge, particularly at the age of retirement, but it’s a step that is more common than not due to the retirement lifestyle, and opening a new chapter in life, so to speak.

Because of this, finding the best place to retire that suits your needs, taste, and budget, is an essential part of the planning phase before diving in headfirst. This is why retiring in Panama is such an attractive proposition. Retirement in Panama may sound exotic to some, but it’s actually been on the radar for Canadians and American citizens for quite some time now.

Source: International Relocation Firm Blog

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