Top 5 Places to Visit in Panama With Children

Top 5 Places to Visit in Panama With Children

Jan 20, 2017 | Moving to Panama

Panama is a great place for kids! Whether you’re visiting with children, or living here, you’ll find lots to do and see that’s perfect for pretty much any age. Kids are included in a big part of the culture in Panama. This means that at practically any big event, outdoor space, hotel/resort, or residential area, there’s space for kids to be…well, kids! So, if you’re looking for something to do with your children in Panama, you won’t need to look for for ideas. Just in case you need a place to start, here are 5 of our favorite places to visit in Panama with children.

1. The Beaches. Panama has literally hundreds of amazing beaches, and many of them are perfect to bring children too. Public beaches in the Coronado/Gorgona area are a favorite for city dwellers, or tourists who don’t want to go too far from Panama City and its surroundings. Other great kid-friendly beach options are Isla Taboga, Isla Grande (Caribbean side), and Farallon/Playa Blanca. All of these beaches will have plenty of families, life guards during the weekends, and may even kids activities or play areas.

2. Gamboa Rainforest.Just up the Panama Canal on the east side of Lake Gatun is the town, and rainforest of Gamboa. This small town, nestled in the heart of the jungle that runs alongside the canal, is an amazing, immersive experience that children can use to both learn about Panama’s many creatures and plants, as well as get some healthy outdoor time. There are plenty of tours available at the lake, in the rainforest, and around the Canal, and lots of trails to hike. Your children can experience first hand what they’d normally only experience in books, TV, the web, or in a museum.

3. “Rebounderz” Trampoline/Foam Pit. If you’re looking for something fun to do indoors (remember, Panama has a long rainy season), then this massive urban trampoline gym is perfect for a day out with kids of all ages. With an entire floor of safety-wrapped, child-sized trampolines, your kids will FLIP (literally and figuratively) when they get a hold of this place. There are safety instructions, coaches, organized games/sports to play, and even a giant foam pit jumper that the kids can dive right into. This is also a terrific idea for an indoor birthday party, or school event. Rebounderz can be found at the mezzanine level of the Sortis Hotel in Obarrio, in Panama City.

4. Biodiversity Museum. It’s one of Panama’s newest attractions, and a favorite amongst education enthusiasts, especially teachers and parents. This massive, Frank Gehry designed museum is sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute, and is a marvelous showcase of all of Panama’s flora and fauna. There are discounts for children, and many exhibits geared towards early education in both English and Spanish. There is no better educational experience in Panama than this, and that can be said for adults and kids of all ages.

5. Nispero Zoo, El Valle. The small mountain town of El Valle de Anton is close enough to Panama City for a day trip, but different enough to make you feel like you’ve traveled to another world. While the town is full of fun things to do for people of all ages, children tend to love the Nispero Zoo the most. The zoo is very open, and has a much more natural feel than similar larger zoos do. Your children can pet, learn about and witness first-hand, some of the most diverse creatures in all of Central America. This is a real treat for kids, and very affordable too!

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