Top 4 Panama Beaches: how to enjoy both coasts, at any budget

Top 4 Panama Beaches: how to enjoy both coasts, at any budget

Jan 27, 2018 | Panama Holidays

It’s dry season in Panama, or what locals know as “Summer”, and that means it’s beach time! In theory, you can enjoy Panama’s beaches year-round, but the dry season is especially popular as it’s almost wall-to-wall sun, and many Panamanians are on summer breaks from school and work. With so many beaches on two coasts (Pacific and Caribbean) to choose from, it’s impossible to see them all, even if you live here. This is why we’ve come up with a quick list of our top 5 favorites. Here they are, in no specific order:

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1. Playa Larga (Pearl Islands):

The Pearl Islands are an archipelago located south of the Bay of Panama in the Pacific Ocean. These islands were recently made famous for hosting a number of Survivor reality TV shows, but have been well known by Panamanians forever. The main island is called Contadora, and is home to one of the most pristine, white sand beaches in the country. To get to Contadora, you can take a small plane (20-min flight) from the city, or a ferry from either the Trump Ocean Club, or the Balboa Yacht Club. This beach is remote, so it won’t be packed with tourists, however, if you plan on spending the day, prepare to go early, and return around 4-5 in the afternoon.

2. Red Frog Beach (Bocas del Toro):

Bocas del Toro (or “Bocas” for short) is by far the most popular Caribbean destination in Panama. Like the Pearl Islands, it’s also an archipelago, however its proximity to land makes it more popular as a tourist destination, as well as attracting a big expat community. There are dozens of beaches spread throughout Bocas, but Red Frog Beach seems to be the most popular. It has a few fantastic hostels and hotels within a walk from the waves, and has a great food/party scene to boot. This is where you want to go for fun in the sun, and a true taste of Caribbean Panamanian culture.

3. Playa Serena (Gorgona):

If you’re looking for a quick day trip that’s an easy drive from the city, without a lot of stress or crowds, Gorgona is your place. This is a quiet beach town that’s right next to Coronado, with the same type of beach, but it’s public (Coronado is private). You can get there in about an hour, park easily, and enjoy the sun, waves, and sand within minutes of getting out of the car. You can also grab a drink and a burger at the Tiki Bar, which is right on Playa Serena beach.

4. Playa Blanca (Farallon):

Not far from Gorgona on the Pacific side of Panama, Playa Blanca is the beach resort capital of the country. This definitely isn’t a low-key beach area, as there’s a lot of development right on the beach, but if you’re looking for a resort-type atmosphere, this is the best there is. You can find all-inclusive resorts, budget resorts, day passes for beach clubs, and even check out the little town of Farallon for a break from it all. The beaches are white sand, and there is even a charter-only airport in the town next door for resort-specific flights from North America.

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