Think “rainy season” isn’t a great time to visit Panama? Think again!

Think “rainy season” isn’t a great time to visit Panama? Think again!

Apr 3, 2018 | Moving to Panama, Panama Holidays

You may have heard of the “rainy season”, “wet season”, or “green season” in the tropics, and if you’re looking at Panama as a tourism or relocation destination, we’re sure it’s on that list. Rain is a just a part of life in the tropics, and something that keeps the air moist, the landscapes green, and the fruits ripe and plentiful. Panama’s green season (a more apt name) is a time of natural flourishing. It’s when Panama gets its color, and its soul. For many, however, this season may seem like a deterrent from visiting, or something that inhibits you from outdoor activities while on the isthmus. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why.

Panama Green Season

When and what is Panama’s green season?

The green season in Panama runs roughly from early May to late December, although depending on the year that can change by a few weeks. It’s called the green season, or “rainy season” due to the increased rainfall and humidity in the country, and a pretty reliable daily (or near daily) rain forecast. The heaviest rainfall comes between September and late October, and the rest of the months have pretty standard rain totals. Even during the heaviest rainy months, however, it seldom rains for more than 3 hours, and those hours are typically in the mid-afternoon. Despite the doom and gloom sound of some of the season’s nicknames, it really isn’t constant rain. You can still do lots of fun things during the day and night.

What to do to take advantage of Panama’s rainy season

For starters, try to book your outdoor activities early in the morning. Even at its wettest, it seldom rains in the morning in Panama, making it a great time to get out for hikes, beach trips, and exploring the city. You can take a nice break in a cafe, under a jungle canopy, or in a hammock in the afternoon during the rains, and even make a late day of it once it stops. You can enjoy about 70% of the daylight hours outdoors, with few exceptions, making it a great time to enjoy pretty much all of Panama’s outdoor activities every month of the year. And even when you do have an extended rainy afternoon, you still have plenty of indoor options!

Another way many people take full advantage of the rainy season is discounted prices on tours, hotel stays, and airfare. That’s right, thanks to the lower number of people who visit during this time of year, prices become super affordable, and you can find some great package deals for tours, transportation, and even amazing restaurant specials. Before booking your trip to Panama, make sure to check out dates between May and November, and especially during September and October. Also, if you’re planning an exploratory trip to invest, relocate for work, or retire is ideal during this time of year, as it will give you a good glimpse of what green season’s like, before you settle more permanently.

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