Retiring in Panama: Five places that are ideal for relocating retirees

Retiring in Panama: Five places that are ideal for relocating retirees

Feb 10, 2017 | Moving to Panama

Have you considered retiring in Panama? Have you already made your decision, but not sure exactly where in Panama you should retire to? With so many great communities here for retirees, you’ve got lots to look over and consider before you make the move. We fully recommend that before making any big decisions about moving, you come visit these places for yourself. That being said, here are five of our favorite places that we think are ideal for retires in Panama.

1. Boquete:

This quiet, picturesque mountain town is high in the Chiriqui mountains, nestled alongside the Baru Volcano, and the perfect fit for a retiree. The town has a huge expat retiree community, and many resources that allow people to stay active, get what they need, and meet others that share the same interests. Properties are diverse in price and location, and you can live fairly well off a limited budget if you plan right.

2. Coronado/Gorgona:

The beaches area of Coronado, and now Gorgona, are hugely popular with expat retirees. Those who love the beach life, and a slow, sun-soaked pace will love this area. There’s also golf, a number of easy-to-access restaurants and services, and a medical center nearby. As far as real estate, prices are above average for Panama, however there’s lots of variety between houses, villas, and condo towers.

3. Volcan:

This town is essentially a quieter, less touristy version of Boquete, and is just on the other side of the volcano from it. One big benefit Volcan has, however, is that it’s much more affordable. This is a town right in the heart of coffee country, where ranch-style living is at its best, and temps are favorable, meaning it’s never too hot, or too cold, 365 days a year. Properties are at a great price, whether buying or renting, and there’s still a small commercial center of town that can provide you with services and supplies when needed.

4. Bocas del Toro:

If you’re looking for an island adventure for your retirement, there is practically no place better in Panama than Bocas del Toro. This archipaelago isn’t for everyone, though. It’s very popular amongst tourists in certain areas, is extremely remote, and lacks a number of modern services many retirees expect or want. That being said, the pure tropical Caribbean atmosphere is breathtaking. You can live on a very small budget, and even live on your own island (yes, that’s right) if you want. Live is good in Bocas, and the expats and locals share this vibe as part of their culture.

5. El Valle:

Just a 2.5-hour drive from downtown Panama City, El Valle is a great place for retirees who want a rural, mountain lifestyle that’s close enough to the action to get away on a whim if they choose to. El Valle is also a nature-lover’s paradise with hundreds of hike-able and bike-able trails, as well as natural hot springs, and even a Zoo/Ecological Research Center. Real estate is reasonable, and the lush green surroundings are complimented by a cool, temperate climate. This town is very quiet, very safe, and has a small, but well known expat community that calls it home.

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