Panama to build migrant shelter as hundreds of Cubans enter : Weekly News Roundup, February 15th, 2019

Panama to build migrant shelter as hundreds of Cubans enter : Weekly News Roundup, February 15th, 2019

Feb 15, 2019 | Panama News

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Panama to build migrant shelter as hundreds of Cubans enter

Panama’s government says it will build a migrant shelter on its southern border with Colombia, after the latest wave of migrants crossed into the country.

Some 716 migrants, mostly Cubans, entered Panama over the weekend through the jungle province of Darien.

The director of Panama’s immigration agency says the latest group also included migrants from Haiti and Africa. Javier Carrillo says the migrants wanted to travel to the United States.

Source: Fox News

Through the Panama Canal in your yacht: everything you need to know.

Cape Horn sailors and ditch diggers sacrificed all to make the path between the Atlantic and Pacific easier for the rest of us. It is a surreal situation to find yourself floating in a small yacht alongside a giant ship in a box of water 25m above sea level. Entering the canal was thrilling, stressful, and awkward. Descending the last lock was euphoric. The Panama Canal is a gem to treasure.

Considering the alternative routes, the canal is a blink between oceans. Yet a smooth transit benefits from advance planning. Our research began about three months in advance after we learned how seasonal congestion can increase the waiting time from arrival in Colón to an assigned transit date. Most of the year, four to six days is typical. During the high season from late January through May, six to 20 days is the range from completion of measurement and fee payment until an assigned canal transit date. For South Pacific-bound boats, December until mid-January is a sweet spot for minimal delay.

Source: Yachting World

Panama beats Cuba to win the Caribbean Series.

With a team that wasn’t even supposed to be in the tournament, Panama beat Cuba 3-1 on Sunday to win its second ever Caribbean Series and first since 1950.

Panama was represented in the tournament for the first time since 1960 only after the Caribbean Professional Baseball Leagues moved the series out of Venezuela due to security concerns shortly before it began. With Panama hosting, the Toros de Herrera were invited to play as a guest.

Source: Japan Times


Panama ranks near top in LatAm for international franchise investment

Panama is a hot market for a variety of international investments. And for the most part, a lot of the consumer investments revolve around major international franchises. This has a lot to do with consumer culture in Panama, as well as Panama’s reputation as an international tourism hub, and business hub. People who shop in the Panamanian market expect a world-class product branding, which makes franchising in Panama so attractive. And if you follow the data for Latin America, Panama is one of the top countries for international franchise investment.

What places Panama near the top of the list for international franchise investment?
When it comes to international franchise investment, Panama still ranks behind both Costa Rica, and Guatemala. But for its size, and domestic market, that’s still a big deal. The biggest deal is the rate of growth that Panama has had amongst small and big market franchises over the past ten year. Panama’s population is relatively small by Central American standards, and their consumer market has only flourished over the past ten or so years. Panama now boasts over 200 different international franchises, which supply the market via both local and expat owners. The majority of this investment has come in the past five years, with major investment going into retail, food, and hotel services.

Source: International Relocation Firm Blog


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