Panama's World Youth Day to be held Jan. 22-27, 2019 | Weekly News Roundup, Jan. 20th.

Panama’s World Youth Day to be held Jan. 22-27, 2019 | Weekly News Roundup, Jan. 20th.

Jan 20, 2017 | Panama News

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Panama’s World Youth Day to be held Jan. 22-27, 2019

The highly-anticipated youth rally will take place on Jan. 22-27, 2019. Organizers explained that it won’t be held in August, as usual, to avoid the country’s heavy rainy season. Pope Francis said that youth from Central America have sacrificed in the past to attend, so now it’s somebody else’s turn.

Explaining the date, which may make it difficult for North Americans and Europeans to participate because of school schedules, Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa of Panama City said that the weather – in particular, avoiding the country’s heavy rainy season – prevailed in the choice.

“We are conscious that this is not a vacation season in many countries, but we’re convinced that this won’t be an impediment for thousands of young men and women from every continent to come to Panama to encounter Jesus Christ, held by the hand by Mary and with the Successor of Peter,” Ulloa said on Friday, during a press conference in Panama.

Source: Crux Now

Panama: 4G Network Expansion and Government’s National Broadband Plan to Drive Data Revenue Growth

In 2016, Panama was the third largest telecom services market in Central America, behind Guatemala and Costa Rica, with estimated revenue of $1.3bn or 2.4% of GDP. This represents a 2.4% increase relative to 2015, mainly driven by fixed broadband, pay-TV and mobile data segments.

The fixed/mobile revenue split will continue to be inclined toward the mobile segment throughout the forecast period. Nevertheless, fixed services revenue share will increase, driven by government’s national Internet network initiative for expanding Internet penetration in the country and attractive double and triple play services from operators such as Cable andWireless Panama (CWP) and Cable Onda.

The top two operators, CWP which provides fixed, mobile and pay-TV services and Digicel Panama, which provide mobile services, accounted for 57.7% of overall service revenue in 2016. CWP will continue to lead the Panamanian telecom market, throughout the forecast period, supported by strong investments in 4G network expansion and network modernization of its fixed infrastructure.

Source: Yahoo Finance

The Panama chef using rainforest ingredients to transform fine dining

At a fine dining restaurant in Panama City, customers are tucking into kalalu, a tropical fern with an earthy flavour, blanched like an asparagus, and brushed with olive oil and grilled. Next on the menu; boda, a palm flower that looks and tastes like baby corn, pickled and wrapped in banana leaf tamale-style.

From wild red rice grown in the isolated Darién province, to the flor eléctrica herb on the slopes of the country’s tallest volcano, unusual rainforest plants are a critical part of the menu for 33-year-old Panamanian chef and restaurateur Mario Castrellón. His restaurant Maito has undertaken the mission of exploring Panamanian biodiversity, while also bringing indigenous and traditional ingredients to the fine dining scene.

While Panama City’s most popular restaurants were serving Italian pastas and Peruvian ceviches, Castrellón has been incorporating pixbae, a starchy peach palm fruit, and ñame, a root vegetable, into his menu at Maito.

Source: The Guardian


Top 5 Places to Visit in Panama With Children

Panama is a great place for kids! Whether you’re visiting with children, or living here, you’ll find lots to do and see that’s perfect for pretty much any age. Kids are included in a big part of the culture in Panama. This means that at practically any big event, outdoor space, hotel/resort, or residential area, there’s space for kids to be…well, kids! So, if you’re looking for something to do with your children in Panama, you won’t need to look for for ideas. Just in case you need a place to start, here are 5 of our favorite places to visit in Panama with children.

1. The Beaches. Panama has literally hundreds of amazing beaches, and many of them are perfect to bring children too. Public beaches in the Coronado/Gorgona area are a favorite for city dwellers, or tourists who don’t want to go too far from Panama City and its surroundings. Other great kid-friendly beach options are Isla Taboga, Isla Grande (Caribbean side), and Farallon/Playa Blanca. All of these beaches will have plenty of families, life guards during the weekends, and may even kids activities or play areas.

Source: International Relocation Firm Blog


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