Panama rejects inclusion in EU dirty-money blacklist : Weekly News Roundup, February 28th, 2019

Panama rejects inclusion in EU dirty-money blacklist : Weekly News Roundup, February 28th, 2019

Feb 28, 2019 | Panama News

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Panama rejects inclusion in EU dirty-money blacklist.

Panama has rejected what it call its “unfair” inclusion in the EU’s blacklist of countries that have weak anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regimes, and called for consultations to its ambassador to the European Union, Miguel Verzbolovskis.

“Panama strongly rejects the proposal of the European Commission to include the country in a list of jurisdictions of high-risk third countries,” the office of President Juan Carlos Varela said in a statement.

Source: International Investment

Panama City And What You Might Not Know About The Panama Canal.

An engineering marvel connecting two oceans, easing trade routes and employing 10,000 Panamanians in over 600 occupations.

The Panama canal is an essential living mechanism that feeds the city and country with opportunity and wealth. But this man-made waterway has helped to create a contradiction. Within the artificial creation, a fascinating and diverse collection of wildlife thrives.

Source: Forbes

Great write-up from the New York Times: “Stop #2 on a Yearlong Journey, a Spot in Panama That Takes It Slow.”

The 52 Places Traveler heads to the country’s Pacific Coast expecting breakneck development and instead finds a place that’s in no rush.

This is a place I could disappear into. And over the course of the five days I spent in the remote village of Santa Catalina on Panama’s Pacific Coast, I met many people who seemed to be doing just that. There was the Italian surfer who came many years ago and now returns again and again, for longer periods each time. Or the British dive master who thought she would spend a season here at Panama Dive Center, but just passed two years in town.

Source: The New York Times


A Basic Guide to Carnavales in Panama!

This weekend, Carnaval in Panama begins, and the whole country will be celebrating this traditional 4-day holiday. Carnaval holds a deep cultural significance for people all over Latin America and the Caribbean, and Panama is one of the biggest Carnaval destinations. Whether you live and work in Panama, are retired in Panama, or just visiting Panama, there is something for everyone during the days of Carnaval. And since it’s a national holiday, there are many places you can spend your time celebrating in, depending on your budget and needs. Here are some suggestions for things to do during Carnaval days, that each offers a unique taste and experience of Panama.

Carnaval in Panama City:
Traditionally, Carnaval celebrations and Panama City were limited to locally organized street fairs, and neighborhood parties. In recent years, however, the city has invested millions into creating a 4-day-long, public Carnaval celebration right on the bay on the Cinta Costera (coastal belt park). Around a mile or so the coastal strip is set aside exclusively for Carnaval, open to food vendors, outdoor games, souvenir vendors, and 3-4 stages for live music. Celebrations are split between day and night, with day celebrations reserved more for floats and water spraying, and the night geared for more live music, food, and drinks.

Source: International Relocation Firm Blog


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