Why Panama's Beaches are Perfect for Retirement

Why Panama’s Beaches are perfect for people who want to relocate or retire in Panama

Mar 4, 2016 | Moving to Panama

When it comes to relocating or retiring in Panama, there are lots of options all over the country. Whether you choose to live or retire in Panama City, or El Valle, or Boquete, or Pedasi, we think you’re making a great choice. That being said, it’s winter up north, and we know many of you are still thinking about warm climates, and especially beautiful beaches. Well, you’re in luck. Panama has some of the best beaches in the region, and they have become a go-to spot for both retirees and working expats to relocate to. In honor of Panama’s beautiful beach communities, here are four reasons why you Panama’s “Playas” are perfect for people to relocate or retire to.

Location, Location, Location

Panama’s “Playas” region is located between an hour and an hour and a half away from Panama City. The region starts in the area of Punta Chame, and continues past the towns of Nueva Gorgona, Coronado, and stretching about 30 or so miles west to Rio Hato. Within this gorgeous, ocean-front strip of Panama lies every creature comfort of the big city (shopping centers, banks, gyms, grocery stores, entertainment), mixed with breathtaking Pacific views, and pristine beaches. In the Playas region, you get the laid back beach life, with a location close enough to the capital and airports to make getting in and out a cinch.

Cost of Living

Panama enjoys a relatively low cost of living when compared to North America, and the beaches region is one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to relocating and retiring in Panama. You can live in a 2-bedroom, newly constructed condo tower for around $1,200 per month, or rent a simple beach house for about half that. You can also buy a condo for around $150,000 with lots of amenities and attractions nearby. As far as day-to-day costs, prices are moderate by Panama standards, with restaurants and taxis running a bit lower than the city, but with the same standard of quality and service.


If you’re looking to retire or relocate to Panama, chances are, you want to enjoy the Panamanian way of life; laid back. In the beaches region, life moves at a relaxed pace, and stress is far from a reality for both locals and expats who make their home there. They are safe, peaceful, family communities that offer the serene quality of life that many are so desperate to find. It’s beach living and good vibes all the way down the coast, and that’s how they like it here in Panama.


Panama’s beach community is one of the most welcoming in the country; and that’s saying a lot for a country as welcoming as Panama. There are many expats in the Playas region, and they span the spectrum of age and occupation. Locals are also very welcoming, and many Panamanian retirees and city dwellers choose to relocate to the Playas region for the very same reasons you will. There are community activities aplenty, with golf courses in practically each town along the way, as well as surfing, yoga, swimming, and even nightlife options. The community enjoys a high quality of life, and people are more than willing to share their experiences with newcomers, to welcome them in with open arms.

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