Massive power outage in Panama ahead of papal visit : Weekly News Roundup, January 21st, 2019

Massive power outage in Panama ahead of papal visit : Weekly News Roundup, January 21st, 2019

Jan 21, 2019 | Panama News

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Massive power outage in Panama ahead of papal visit

A massive power outage hit Panama on Sunday (Jan 20), three days before the arrival of Pope Francis for a World Youth Day festival, authorities said.

ETESA, which gave no details on the cause of the outage, said power would be restored gradually.

Despite the outage, the capital city’s Tocumen International Airport and the busy and vital Panama Canal were able to activate backup systems and maintain normal operations, authorities said.

Source: Channel News Asia

Hundreds of Cubans Traveling to Panama to see Pope Francis.

There are 471 Cubans about to travel to Panama for the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day. Many have been saving for a good while to pay for the reunion with Pope Francisco and ask him to pray for their Island, reports the AFP.

“We had to pay for the trip, which is very difficult because the salaries here are not enough for that,” Ramon Elejalde, a 44-year-old Cuban, who works as a cigar roller in a state factory, told AFP.

Then, “I had to ask for loans,” added Elejalde, who held a vigil together with a hundred young people with a view to World Youth Day at the Church of Santo Ángel Custodio, in Havana.

The cost of the plane ticket, medical insurance, lodging and food add up to US $680. It seems cheap, but it’s the equivalent of 22.6 average montly salaries in Cuba.

Source: Havana Times

Rock and roll nuns to perform for the pope in Panama.

With millions of YouTube views and hits on Spotify and iTunes, a group of young nun rockers play one of their biggest gigs next week, and thousands of Catholics, including the pope himself, will lap it up.

It may be rock and roll, but Twisted Sister they ain’t, and sex and drugs are not an option for the Sisters of the Servants of the Plan of God. They play their brand of melodic rock in their traditional habits.

“We’re young sisters,” says 37-year-old guitarist Sister Ivonne of the band, which includes members from Chile, Japan, Ecuador, China and Costa Rica.

Source: Capital FM


Feeling cold? Check out these 5 Panama winter beach escapes!

Panama is known for its exquisite beaches, both for locals and tourists. And when it comes to expats, the beaches of Panama are always tops on the list of places to work, invest, retire, and vacation it. But with so many options, how do you know which beach is right for you. As always, finding your best beach fit depends on what you’re looking for. And in Panama, there’s a lot to choose from. Here’s a list of 5 of the most sought after beach locations, that will make the perfect escape for the winter, or any time of year!

1. Playa Blanca:
Panama’s sun-drenched southern coastline has exploded in recent years as far as tourism. With some of the best resorts in the region, white sands, and typically dry weather, Playa Blanca is a premier destination for volume tourism. It’s also where many Panamanians and expats have beach homes, and enjoy spending holidays and weekends all year round. Playa Blanca is about 2 hours outside of Panama City, and since 2014 has an operational charter airport (Rio Hato) that brings tourists in from Canada and other parts of Central America.

Source: International Relocation Firm Blog


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