Four Reasons to Visit Panama in 2018

Four Reasons to Visit Panama in 2018

Jan 12, 2018 | Panama Tourism

Panama has a bit of everything when it comes to tourism, which is why so many people visit each year, for long and short-term stays. There’s natural wonder, big city sights, shopping, and culture around every turn. That being said, there are always new reasons to visit, especially as the country evolves and changes, getting better each year. This year, 2018, is no different. Here are our top four picks on why!

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1. Renovated Casco Viejo:

You can pretty much bank on the fact that each year, Casco Viejo is better than the last, but 2018 is already off to a big start. The UNESCO World Heritage site has been massively renovated over the past five years, and it’s a site to see for first-time or long-time visitors. Check out the restored architecture and dine in one of the dozens of new (and old) restaurants that make this neighborhood such a hot spot. You can walk everywhere safely, go to the Canal Museum, the Catholic Art Museum, and get a guided tour to the local historic sites and churches. This is the #1 tourist destination in the country, and in 2018, it’s only getting better.

2. More International Flights:

Panama’s self-described reputation as the air “hub of the Americas” is becoming well known, and for good reason. With over 100 international flights passing through Panama’s Tocumen International Airport, it’s easier than ever to get here, and prices for flights are going down because of it. Panama has added flights to Denver, San Francisco, LA, and even Turkey over the past two years, and with airport expansion nearly complete, looks to double that within a year or two. Flights to Panama are frequent, affordable, and accessible for people in both the Americas and Western Europe.

3. Hotel Competition:

Following the theme here of growth, we’d be remiss to tell you that with more hotels and resorts opening in Panama in 2018, it’s a “buyer’s market” when it comes to price and availability. Hotels are fiercely competing for tourism business, and that makes booking very convenient for those looking for the perfect fit, at the perfect price. Whether it’s a beach resort, a hostel, a boutique hotel in Casco, or a luxury hotel tower, 2018 offers it all when it comes to lodging. Do yourself a favor and book either well in advance, or right at the last minute, as that’s when you’ll get the best prices. Use the competition to your advantage and price-match!

4. The World Cup:

No, the World Cup isn’t going to be held in Panama, however Panama will be playing in it for the first time in the nation’s history! This means that the summer (or wet season, as they say here) will be all about sports in Panama, and will make for an incredibly fun atmosphere as a tourist, whether you’re a fan or not. The country will stop still for each game, as the passion of the Panamanian fans is likely to spill out into celebration, regardless of a win or loss. June and July will be the Summer of Soccer, and a great time to dive head first into the culture of “futbol”, and Panama in general.

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