Five Must-See Real Estate Hot Spots in Panama

Five Must-See Real Estate Hot Spots in Panama

Sep 7, 2019 | Panama Real Estate

Are you looking at investing in real estate in Panama? There are plenty of great options for buying real estate in both the commercial and residential sectors, in many different provinces, cities, and districts spread throughout the entire country. Though the market is full of great buys, and lots of diversity, there are some places that stick out more than others. Here are our top five picks:

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1. Casco Viejo (Panama City):

Panama’s old city is booming in the real estate sector, with the classically-designed (and tourist hot spot) San Felipe leading the charge. There’s something else going on in Casco, however, that has real estate experts even more excited, and that is Santa Ana. Technically speaking, most of Santa Ana isn’t Casco. It’s adjacent to it. But this ideal location has made it Panama’s most sought after transformative neighborhood. What we know as Casco is essentially expanding, and that is opening a whole new market for expansion in the surrounding areas, with some great buys available.

2. Boquete:

There’s nothing new about the popularity of Boquete real estate, as it’s been on the map for quite some time now as far as expat investment. These days, however, it’s hotter than ever. Much like Casco Viejo, the area by which Boquete has been famous for, for real estate, is expanding. This means lots of new complexes and properties for many budgets and lifestyle choices. Boquete tends to have great buys for the money, especially if you’re looking for a mountain lifestyle or retirement.

3. Gorgona:

There was once a time where Gorgona was most famous for being a quiet beach town next to Coronado. Thanks to a few major developer investments from Panama’s biggest property companies, this has changed. Gorgona is now a much more vibrant beach community, with easy access to Panama City, and lots of amazing (and well-priced) condos and houses. Within a 5-10 minute drive, you’ll find the Panamerican Highway, multiple big supermarkets, a movie theater, restaurants, small businesses, and hardware stores.

4. Pedasi:

This area on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula has quickly become the go-to place to invest for those looking to get into eco-tourism, hostel/hotels, or a kind of “off-the-grid” vacation housing experience or retirement. Prices for land are very good, and there’s plenty of room for big projects, as well as some current big projects already underway. There’s great surf, a young crowd of tourists and expats, friendly laid-back community, and a truly unique Panama beach lifestyle rolled into one. If you love beaches, surfing, and want to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is your place!

5. San Francisco (Panama City):

It’s hard to draw an urban comparison to San Francisco in Panama city, because it’s so unique. This is one of the city’s largest neighborhoods, and it seamlessly combines suburban-style households with the tower lifestyle Panama City has become famous for over the years. It’s also got an amazing coastline, and very convenient access to highways, main avenues, and parks. This area is also home to some of Panama’s hottest new, and innovative restaurants, giving it a great quality of life, for people of all ages (and incomes).

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