Cuba, Panama Sign Environmental Cooperation Agreement. : Weekly News Roundup, October 28th, 2018

Cuba, Panama Sign Environmental Cooperation Agreement. : Weekly News Roundup, October 28th, 2018

Oct 28, 2018 | Panama News

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Cuba, Panama Sign Environmental Cooperation Agreement.

The Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment, Elba Rosa Perez, and her Panamanian counterpart, Emilio Sempris, have signed on Friday a technical and academic cooperation agreement in environmental matters.

The agreement, with a duration of five years and extendable for the same period, will allow the sustainable use of natural resources, the conservation of biodiversity and greater efficiency in its management to achieve scientific development in the environmental sphere.

The areas of collaboration include the sustainable management of watersheds; climate change, meteorology, danger, vulnerability, and risk; forestry and protected areas; technical assistance, industry and technology for environmental protection.

Source: Prensa Latina

Novel bat behavior in Panama observed.

Researchers who studied Peters’ tent-making bats (Uroderma bilobatum) report that mothers prod their young with their forearms, perhaps encouraging them to fledge and wean.

Of the more than 1,300 bat species in the world, details of this critical transition period are only known for a few. “Our study highlights how little we still know about the secret lives of these amazing creatures, even something as significant as the relationship between a mother and her baby,” said Jenna Kohles, masters student at the University of Konstanz and Max Planck Institute for Ornithology under the direction of professor Dina Dechmann. Kohles did her fieldwork for this study as an intern at STRI under the supervision of STRI postdoctoral fellow Teague O’Mara while she was an undergraduate at Clemson University.

Source: Science Daily

Julius Baer says closing operations in Peru and Panama.

Swiss bank Julius Baer said Wednesday that it was closing its branches in Peru and Panama, part of its effort to focus on larger markets in Latin America such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

A spokeswoman for the company added by phone that the bank was committed to keeping its clients in Peru and Panama and will serve them from other offices in the region.

The planned closures were first reported by Bloomberg.

Source: Reuters


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