Cannes looks to Panama for International Film Submissions

Cannes looks to Panama for international film festival submissions. – Weekly News Roundup, February 26th.

Mar 1, 2016 | Panama News

Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Cannes Film Market Adds Annecy, Frontieres, Cabos, Panama too Goes To Line-Up

Panama’s independent film scene is gaining worldwide acclaim, and recent news from Cannes confirms this

In further signs of growth, the Cannes Film Market has added four new festivals to its Goes to Cannes works-in-progress brand: France’s Annecy Animation Festival, the Panama Film Festival (PIFF), Mexico’s Los Cabos Fest and Montreal’s Frontières/Fantasia.

Ramping up its Goes to Cannes line-up from its 2013 inaugural single event BAL Goes to Cannes, the Cannes Film Market is also tapping into some of world’s fastest-growing events – Los Cabos, Panama; regions – Central America, Mexico; and movie types: international animation and genre, catered for by the Fantasia Fest’s Frontières Intl. Co-Production Market.

Source: Variety


Former Marine pleads guilty to killing girlfriend in Panama

After months of investigation, and eventually an arraignment, a former US Marine who made headlines by killing his girlfriend in Panama has pleaded guilty in a US court. This issue was big amongst tourists, expats, and locals in popular Bocas del Toro, and should create some closure for the community and families involved.

The prosecution by U.S. authorities was unusual, since the murder occurred in Panama and, at the time Brimager was indicted, Baldelli’s body had not been found. He was charged under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act as a U.S. national accused of murdering another U.S. citizen in a foreign country.

According to the federal grand jury indictment handed down last year, Baldelli and Brimager had moved to the archipelago of Bocas del Toro from Los Angeles just two months before the murder to get a fresh start. But shortly after they arrived, Brimager began emailing with an ex-girlfriend with whom he had a child, and his relationship with Baldelli soured.



Crafts: Mola Tradition From Panama Has Fans Worldwide

Panama has a rich culture of art and artisan work, and it spans the country’s long and diverse history. These days, traditional Panamanian crafts are growing in popularity, especially amongst foreign buyers. What’s the main thing they’re looking for? Traditional Molas.

The tradition is characterized by tiny, fine stitches, bold designs and bright colors. Early 20th century photos show Kuna women dressed in blouses and long wrap skirts decorated in the style. Over the decades, molas were increasingly marketed to tourists, and today you can buy not only mola blouses, with designs front and back, but also mola panels created as textile art for display. Handmade, authentic Kuna molas are labeled as such to distinguish them from imitations.

Molas typically use a reverse applique technique, in which fabric is layered and then cut away to create a design. Traditional designs range from complex geometric patterns to depictions of turtles, jungle birds and other things found in the Kunas’ environment. But over time, molas began to include references to the modern world: coins, helicopters, pop culture.

Source: ABC News


Nestle to Invest in Panama With Regional Market Center

Multinational food and beverage producer Nestle is looking to expand its regional presence, and has picked Panama as the location for its newest Market Center. This is great news for Panama’s trade economy, and should reduce prices for regional wholesalers as well. Here’s more from our latest blog post.

Why is Nestle investing in Panama?

Panama continues to have a favorable investing climate, and because of it, attracts a lot of big companies to the region. But investing in Panama, when talking about these types of multinationals, is not just about doing business in Panama, but also using Panama as a hub for greater regional growth. Having a regional hub in a country like Panama means stable corporate taxes, a stable currency, and a great logistical location for distribution. Panama’s market itself is nothing to scoff at either. With more purchasing power than practically any other regional market, Nestle can build on Panama’s propensity for consumer products. That’s a win/win for both Nestle, and the local economy.

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