6 Steps to Create a Panama Corporation

6 Steps to Create a Panama Corporation

Sep 16, 2013 | Panama Corporations

Creating a Panama corporation is simple. Follow these 6 steps to create a Panama corporation online without the need to come to Panama.

1. Provide your personal information on our online corporation order form so we know who you are and how to contact you.

2. Choose the type of legal entity between a Panama corporation or a Panama Private Interest Foundation or you can choose both having them work together for better asset protection. Panama incorporating sometimes refers to creating different legal entities.

3. Select a name for your Panama corporation. You can use any language. But, incorporating in Panama requires using a unique name so as not to cause confusion with another already existing Panama corporation. To incorporate in Panama you must end your Panama corporation’s name with either the words “Incorporated” or the short “Inc.” or using the word “Corporation” or its shortened version of “Corp.” or the Spanish shortened Sociedad Anónima (Anonymous Society) which is a “S.A.”

4. Choose the three Board of Directors & Officers which can be anyone in the world. Select people you can trust with your corporate and private affairs. You can choose yourself and family members, but this will no longer make your Panama incorporation anonymous as the 3 Panama corporate board of directors and 3 officer’s names are filed in the Panama Public Registry for anyone to see. The same person can be both a director and an officer so only three persons are required.

Another option is to let our law firm appoint employees to act as a “Nominee” board of directors. Most of our clients choose this option as it keeps their identities private which is more convenient and confidential. Just in case you change your mind we will provide you with signed, non-dated, resignation letters from each nominee director so you can easily replace them whenever you want. Our Panama Nominee Directors is a free service during the first year of incorporating in Panama. After the first year, we will charge you $50 USD per year for each nominee director. If you choose to name your own board of directors you must send us a photocopy of their photo and information pages of their passports.

5. Choose the type of share certificates. Panama corporation share certificates can be issued in specific names or can simply state “bearer” which means the holder of the share certificate is the owner. Bearer shares are unique in that very few countries allow them and in a few years Panama will require a custodian to hold them. However, Panama bearer shares make the ownership of Panama corporations anonymous and they can be given to anyone who will then be the owner. A new law requiring a custodian to physically hold them in a few years means a custodial relationship on behalf of the true owner of the bearer shares.

6. Pay for your Panama incorporation online. We offer several payment methods for our legal services and the Panama government fees: USD Check, Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer. The fastest methods are by Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer.

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International Relocation Firm Staff Writer

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