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Documents Required from our Client

The following are the documents that you need to complete, sign and send us through our USA Fax number 1.800.716.3452, or to our Panama Fax number (507) 236-7150, or scan them and send them to the following e-mail:

The documents are the following:

POS-Property Order Form: This is the main document that we need you to complete, with your Broker (if any), so we can have your contact information, and the complete information of your Property Purchase Transaction.

Complete Offshore Structure: This document provides you information of our Special Complete Offshore Structure Package, if you wish to set up a Private Interest Foundation, in order to protect and secure your investment (Property), by, registering the Property into a Corporation and then we would issue the Share Certificate of your Corporation into your Foundation.

– PT&E Escrow Agreement: This document is the Agreement between the Escrow Company and you (as the Client) for their Escrow Services.  This document is very important for you to sign and send us.  It authorizes the Escrow Company to proceed with the Transaction according to your instructions.
You will find this PT&E Escrow Agreement in the following link:

– PT&E Wire Deposit Notification Form: This document provide us with information of the Wire of Funds that you will send (you should always provide this information in advance) for your Property Purchase Transaction.  Then we can trace the wire and clear it at the Bank.  Depending on the amount of the Wire, we have to coordinate with the Bank officer, so the funds clear in your Escrow Account.

You will find this PT&E Wire Deposit Notification Form in the following link:

PT&E Disbursement Request Form: This document authorizes PT&E to proceed and to make the payments for your Property Purchase Transaction.

You will find this PT&E Wire Deposit Notification Form in the following link:

Documents to Provide/Request for Transaction:
The following are the documents (in a checklist-condensed form) that you should request of the Seller (or Broker if any), and documents that you should provide to our Law Firm, and documents that you should complete and send, for the entire Transaction:

* Photocopy of Buyers Passport
* Photocopy of Articles of Incorporation
* Photocopy of Tax payments of Entity

* Photocopy of Sellers Passport or Cedula
* Photocopy of Articles of Incorporation (if Corporation)
* Photocopy of Legal Representatives Passport or Cedula (if Corp.)
* Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation (if Corporation)

* Public Deed (Title Document)
* Lot Survey
* Mortgage Documents (if any)
* Paz y Salvo M.E.F. (if Title)
* Paz y Salvo IDAAN (if Title)
* Certification Reforma/Corregidor /Alcalde (if Rights of Possession)

* POS Property Order Form
* Sellers Minute – Authorization to Sell
* Buyers Minute – Authorization to Buy
* Authorization for Nominee Signatures on Property Contracts
* Promise to Purchase Contract
* Purchase Contract
* POS Invoice to Client

* 2% Transfer Tax Payment

* Reforma Agraria – Authorization of Transfer
* Reforma – Providence
* Reforma Agraria – Inspection
* Reforma Agraria – Resolution

* PT&E Balance Sheet
* PT&E Escrow Agreement
* PT&E Wire/Check Deposit Notification Form
* PT&E Disbursement Request Form
* Photocopy of all Payments Checks
* Payment Receipts

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