Panama Income Tax - List of Tax Rates & Deductions

Panama Individual Income Tax

Panama Individual Income Tax

Here are the Panama Income Tax Rates:

• Individuals who earn less than $11,000 per year pay no income tax.

• Those earning between $11,000 and $50,000 pay a 15% Panama tax rate and

• Those earning $50,000 or more pay a 25% rate.


Various Panama Income Tax Deductions Include:

• Married couples are $800 with their joint tax return.

• Mortgage interest paid on the primary home can be deducted up to
$15,000 yearly.

• Student loans interest payments for the taxpayer’s or dependents’ education
in Panama is fully deductible.

• Health insurance premiums are deductible.

• Contributions to private pension plans not exceeding 10% of the
individual’s gross yearly income to a maximum of $15,000 yearly are deductible.


Foreign Residents: Foreigners who reside in Panama for more than 183 days per year and earn income in Panama will be taxed at the same rate as nationals.


Annual Returns: Individuals must file their annual income tax return before March 15th.  Individuals whose sole source of income is a single salary are exempt for having to file an income tax return as the employer withholds part of each payment for taxes.


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