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Types of Elective Surgeries in Panama

Panama Elective Surgeries

Just about every type of elective surgeries performed in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. are offered in Panama.  Panama offers excellant health care at low prices.


Breast Augmentation (implants and reductions) is the most common form of plastic surgery obtained by women.  The size and shape of the breasts will be considered by consulting with a plastic surgeon prior to the surgery.  Breast reduction is most often sought by women suffering back pains or other physical ailments due to the weight of their large breasts

Liposuction involves inserting a small tube into fatty tissues throughout the body to remove by suction fat deposits.

Breast Lift augments breasts which have lost their skin elasticity and gravity due to weight loss, pregnancy & breast feeding which affect the shape and firmness of the breasts.  A breast lift will raise and firm the breasts.  Breast implants in conjunction with breast lifts can also increase the size while they are shaped and firmed.

Male Breast Reduction is sometimes necessary due to excessively enlarged male breasts known as “Gynecomastia”.  This condition occurs in men due to a variety of reasons such as fatty tumors, usage ofdrugs like hormones or steroids, weight gain or loss, hormonal imbalances or genetic predisposition.  In many cases, no cause can be found.

Face Lift is also known as “Rhytidectomy” which improves the effects of aging in the face and neck.  This surgical procedure removes excess facial skin by making an incision beginning in the hairline above and in front of the ear.  The incision extends down in front of the ear and then up and behind the ear.  The skin and fatty tissues are lifted off the connective tissue and muscle to tighten loose skin.  This will result in the elimination of facial wrinkles which will make the face look youthful for 10 years.


Obesity is defined as people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) which exceeds a healthy range which can cause a greater risk of medical problems.  Diabetes, heart disease, asthma, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, some forms of cancer, and obstructive sleep apnea are some of the medical problems cause by obesity.  Obesity also affects the mortality rate.

If weight loss therapies, dieting, and anti-obesity drugs fail to improve the obesity, weight loss surgery is another option.

Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) removes excess fat and skin to restore weak and separated muscles which will create a smoother and firmer stomach profile.


Panama offers many types of eye surgery procedures including:

Vision Corrective Surgery where the two most popular are Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK).  LASIK is the most popular as it uses a precision laser to remove corneal tissue and reshapes the cornea to change the level of focus.  PRK is preferred procedure for people with thin corneas.  Both procedures only take around 15 minutes time per eye.

Cataract Surgery removes a cataract which is an opacity or cloudiness in the eye’s transparent crystalline lens which can decrease vision and lead to blindness.  This commonly affects both eyes and occurs in the majority of adults over 60.  The surgical procedure requires minimal sedation and takes around 15 minutes for each eye.  After the cataract is removed it is replaced with an artificial lens to restore vision.

Glaucoma Surgery reduces the intraocular pressure when medication is unable to do so.  Glaucoma leads to vision loss.

Lid Repair Surgery repairs droopy eyelids caused by a condition called “ptosis” which can obstruct vision, create a visual incongruence between the eyelids, and cosmetically age the person.


Panama has excellent orthopedic surgeons and hospitals with modern orthopedic surgery equipment.

Here are some of the most popular orthopedic surgery procedures available in Panama:

Hip Resurfacing is a procedure replacing worn cartilage bone damage by capping the femur with a metal covering and placing a metal cup-shaped liner in the acetabulum.  Hip resurfacing is best for patients who are physically active and younger than 60.  The femur must have solid bone tissue for hip resurfacing to work.

Partial Hip Replacement is a surgical procedure replacing half of the hip joint.  The ball of the worn down femur is replaced.  This condition is caused by degeneration, arthritis, or by a serious fracture of the hip joint ball.  Normal motion is painful and restricted as the hip joint wears out.

Total Hip Replacement is a surgical procedure replacing the cup shaped hip socket and the thigh bone ball which are worn out due to arthritis or other causes of deterioration of the cartilage and joint’s bone causing loss of motion and pain.

Partial Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure resurfacing the damaged portions of the knee while leaving healthy areas intact. The cartilage covering the tibia and femur becomes worn and the underlying bone develops spurs and various irregularities which produce pain and loss of knee motion. This procedure is most commonly performed on the inside (medial) section of the knee but in some cases it may also be performed on the outside (lateral) section of the knee as well.

Total Knee Replacement removes the worn and degenerated parts of the knee while repositioning the knee into normal alignment.  Worn-out bone and cartilage are replaced with new components.  Implant components can be made of polyethylene plastic, metal, or ceramic material. When total knee replacement is required, the cartilage covering the tibia, femur, and patella becomes worn.  The underlying bone develops spurs with other irregularities causing pain and loss of knee motion.


Inlays/Onlays known as “indirect fillings” these are porcelain or composite materials which are cosmetic and long lasting fillings to repair structural damage or tooth decay.  They are built in a dental laboratory and fitted and adhesively connected into place by a dentist.

Composite Bonding repairs broken, chipped, decayed or discolored teeth.  The procedure entails using a dental composite material which looks like enamel and is applied into a cavity or on the tooth’s surface.  Then it is shaped, sculptured, and hardened with a high intensity light.  The restoration blends with the remaining surrounding tooth to create a healthy and bright smile.

Dental Veneers repairs or corrects chips and cracks with composite or porcelain laminates which are adhesively bonded to a tooth’s surface.  Can be used to repair tooth gaps, unsuccessful teeth whitening, and improve severe tooth discoloration or worn appearance.

Dental Implants are prosthetic artificial tooth root replacements compensating for tooth loss.  Results are youthful appearance and enhanced smile as missing teeth will make a face collapse causing an older appearance.

Smile Makeover involves a complete assessment of the patient’s smile in order to esthetically improve the overall appearance.  This may include several dental procedures such as dental implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening and gingival sculpting.

Teeth Whitening is the most common dentistry procedure to bleach the teeth which are discolored due to poor oral hygiene, drinks (red wine, tea, or coffee), foods, and smoking.  Whiter looking teeth will enhance the appearance of one’s smile.

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