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How to Start a Sports Betting Company in Panama

Panama Sports Betting Company

Sports Betting is very popular in Panama with many hotels providing space for a sports betting business with many TV’s showing all types of sports from around the world.  U.S. citizens especially enjoy NFL, NBA, and MLB games on widescreen TV’s and as many as 30 smaller TV’s.  While enjoying their favorite teams and food & alcoholic beverages, expats and tourists can place various types of bets on every sports event.

Panama regulates sports betting businesses by requiring a specific license through Law 2 of 1998.

The Ministry of Finance & Economics has a special Gaming Control Board which establishes rules and regulations for licensing Panama sports betting businesses.

Here are the requirements to obtain a Panama Sports Betting License:

Execute a Power of Attorney with a Panama lawyer who will file a license application which must contain the following information:

1. Name of applicant.

2. Location of the Agency of International Sports Betting.

3. Submit a business plan that indicates the amount of betting agencies of sporting events that are intended to operate and their locations, and the types of bets that will be accepted.

4. Names of people directly or indirectly involved in the proposed transaction and the nature of such interest (such information includes shareholders, directors, officers, the legal representative of the company, in case of being a legal entity).

5. Complete information on the personal, criminal, commercial and financial backgrounds of each director, officer, executive employee, and each shareholder owning ten percent (10%) or more of the shares of the applicant’s corporation, and any person that, in the opinion of the Director of Gaming, have a significant relationship with the proposed transaction; covering ten (10) years prior to the date of filing of such application.

6. Submit duly authenticated documents proving the establishment and enforcement of the legal entity or certifying the identity of the natural person, if applicable.

7. Provide information on the financial structure of the legal entity, including a list of all outstanding shares in other corporations.

8. Submit certificate issued by the secretary of the corporation stating the names of each shareholder.

9. Submit certification from the secretary of the company in which list all loans, mortgages, trusts, liens, and outstanding obligations.

10. Submit certification signed by the company secretary which lists the names of people whose benefits, salaries or fees correspond to the 10 highest payrolls, whether or not directors, officers or employees of the applicant’s company.

11. Indicate the procedures used or to be used to award bonuses and profit sharing.

12. Copies of contracts and subcontracts relating to the proposed transaction.

13. Submit balance sheet income statement, duly certified by a certified public accountant, covering the three (3) fiscal years preceding the date of application.

14. Copies of tax returns for the last three (3) years or estimated income statement.

15. Submit a copy of the Internal Control Procedures Manual.

Government Fees

Every month, the Gaming Control Board receives 0.25% of 1% of the total bets captured for international sporting events.

Monthly the Gaming Control Board receives 0.50% of 1% of the total bets captured for international racing of greyhounds, if approved by the Gaming Control Board.

The Gaming Control Board receives monthly 2% of the aggregate amount paid in prizes to gamblers.

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