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Example of Company Profile Letter

ABC Corporation

123 Smith Street, Toronto, Canada
Email: info@abccorp.com
Office Tel: 555-555-5555
Company Profile

General Business Activities:

The ABC Corporation has been established for real estate investments in North, Central, and South America. Our traditional business model is based on the acquisition of real estate properties in emerging real estate markets in North America and based on a decision of the company to diversify our real estate holdings, we have established this corporation in Panama as our base location for our Central and South American real estate acquisitions. In addition to real estate investments, the company is may also invest portions of its assets in the purchase and sale of securities (stocks, bonds, options, etc.) as well as futures and forex trading on global markets through our corporate brokerage account(s).

Revenues of the company are expected to be in the range of US$50,000 per month, but may vary from month to month depending on the many variables that are common with real estate investments as well as securities trading.

Several outgoing wire transfers or checks may be necessary for sending funds to sellers, escrow agents, trading accounts for investments in securities, as well as some transfers to third parties for sales commission payments, company expenses, bill payments, etc. There may also be a need for some certified (or official) bank checks in the future when dealing with certain real estate transactions. During visits to Panama, we may also make cash deposits (under US$10,000), or teller withdrawals for business travel, leisure, etc.

Expected General Bank Account Activity:

Initial Deposit: US$1000 by Bank of Toronto Official check (from the account of Joe Smith), then wire funds in from a securities account in the range of (+/- US$300,000). The account documentation will be provided if necessary to prove the origin of funds.

– Expected Average Balance: US$100,000 to US$500,000.
– Expected # of Outgoing Transfers / Month: 4, Average Amount: US$25,000 each
– Expected # of Cashiers Checks / Month: 2, Average Amount: US$20,000 each
– Expected # of ATM Cash Withdrawals/Mo: 8, Average Amount: US$1000 each
– Expected # of Incoming Transfers / Month: 4, Average Amount: US$45,000 each
– Expected # of Check Deposits / Month: 4, Average Amount: US$10,000 each
– Expected # of Cash Deposits / Month: 1, Average Amount: US$9,000.

Banking Services Needed: Savings account, Checking account, online banking, debit card, and possibly secured credit card in the near future.

Corporate Director/Shareholder Profile:


President: President Services International, Inc.
Secretary: Secretary Services International, Inc.
Treasurer: Treasurer Services International, Inc.

Shareholder: 100% Joe Smith

If any further information is required, please contact me.


(Signature of Signatory)
Joe Smith
Tel: 555.555.5555
Email: jsmith@abccorp.com

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